Today, businesses face increasingly intense competition. Foreign imports are impossibly cheap, while domestic costs are rising. Companies need to sharpen management strategy to sustain continuous business growth.

Good business software are essential tools that collect data and churn them into information for the appropriate departmental use. They are used in all international businesses. Software has become an important element that people depend on when on the move yet need to get a full view of their home business' daily activities.It has become a priority to incorporate business operations, data linkage to create a useful application package to the business environment.

Powerful and effective SOFTWARE holds tremendous ECONOMIC VALUE and are of top priority these days!

DISKSOFT is one such powerful business system. More importantly, it is a business system that outputs valuable management information for you on top of meeting your daily needs. Many businesses have used its handy information to improve their profit-making cycles.

MIT Software Solution Sdn Bhd, a solution-oriented company, is the main supplier for DISKSOFT, a reliable and competitively priced software series for all small and medium-sized businesses to manage daily business data.

DISKSOFT is developed by MIT Software Sdn Bhd, a company founded in 1988.

DISKSOFT has 6 mainstream products. These products include:

  • Payroll
  • Invoicing
  • Cash Sales
  • Order Management
  • Inventory
  • Accounts

They are available in Basic, Premium and Corporate Packs.

If you are one of the decision-makers in management, purchasing / procurement, store management, service industry, retail and wholesale trading, hotels and restaurants, sales and marketing, co-operatives, import and export business, suppliers to business industry, production, etc.... come and try our one handy IT solution, DISKSOFT !!!

To be an outstanding IT Management Centre supplying small business software, to be acknowledged as one of the problem-free business software suppliers.

We have kept up with the technological evolution by supplying software to customers whose computers run on varying platforms, from mainframes to minis to super-micros to PC client-servers, to notebooks' remote access.

     Our Systems Design
Our designers understand truly that Systems Design is not merely the presentation of something described by the users. It is the representation of why individuals capture the transactions and the valuable information they can extract in return to make right management decisions for longterm benefits at any time.

We believe that system development does not end with the programmers and systems analysts. Testers and trainers play their roles in ensuring that every aspect of system usage pass the test. As this style of development requires more than writing programs, the results are reliable and we promise system stability. That is why we choose DISKSOFT as our main product stream.

     Our Values
We provide a unique platform to help high caliber administrators process their daily business data for effective control of their business activities. We upkeep our business integrity and trade fairness to earn respect from our fellow users.

     Clients List
Below is a list of some of our invaluable clients who use full or part of DISKSOFT SERIES to their full potential thereby reducing costs, increasing revenue, improving business' profit-making cycle and a whole lot more.


DISKSOFT是MIT Software的软件品牌,该软件发展商成立于1988年,其网址是 是槟城第一期软件开发商之一,它的软件配套是早期来槟城的多家厂商所肯定使用的系统














Clients List

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