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This system allows users to keep track of customers' order, deliveries and invoicing of delivered goods from the time sales order is issued until full delivery to invoicing. Delivery Order and Invoices are automatically generated upon user's request. The system captures selling price to customers, sales budget by customers' product purchases and salesmen's sales volume. Various reports may be printed to help monitor the Sales Orders. It will automatically update the Stock and Account if integrated with the Accounts and Inventory Disk.



  1. Creates / Edits  Customer, Product, Selling Price Maintenance
  2. Sales Order Entry
  3. Delivery - Issued Delivery Order directly from Sales Order ( can be fully / partial deliver )
  4. Invoice - Generated Invoice directly from Delivery Information
  5. Be ready with those required reports when requests instantly



This Sales Order is designed to integrate with Accounts and Inventory module. It can be used without the Accounts and Inventory module if your organization is not interested in tracking AR transactions and warehouse quantities.
 Product Maintenance 
   Print Sales Order                       
 Customer Maintenance     
 Sales Order Status:-  
 Selling Price   
 Sales Order No
 Sales Order Date
 Salesmen Maintenance                              
 Sales Returns Entry   
  Order Outstanding By :- 
 Sales Order No 
   Supervisor Control  
 Sales Order Date 
 Change Password   
 SQL Query


 House Keeping :- 
 Delivery Listing 
 Remove Unissued Do  
 Invoice Listing   
 Undo Update SO  
 Sales Returns    
 Undo Invoice 
 Sales Analysis By Customer Name  
 Sales Analysis By Product By Cust Code 
   Invoice No 
 Sales Analysis By Customer By Prod Desc 
   Invoice Date 
 Sales Analysis By Customer By Prod No
 Month By Month Sales Analysis
 Monthly Sales / Budget Comparison
 Projected Sales Analysis 
 Salesmen's Reports 
 Invoice Listing by Area 



 Create and manage your Sales Order, Delivery Order and Invoice easily and gives your company a professional image 
 Define specific requirements price for specific customers   
 Allows you to preview reports on screen before printing  
 Allows you to check the cost and stock balance directly during Sales Order Created (if link with MIT Inventory Disk)  
 Option to include the Last selling price in the Sales Order grid  
 Validation of product EDD date    
 View and print reports of Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice Status totals over a particular period  
 You need not have any experience in accounting or on using computer, as it is easy to setup and can be used by anyone  
 Remove such risks as data entry errors, losing paper Sales Order, DO, Invoice in in-trays, and postal delays  
 Integrated with Accounts and Inventory management which automatically update Inventory and Accounts  
 Establish quotes and easily convert into Sales Orders 
 Credit limit as in MIT AR - MIT Accounts Disk 
 Canceled Sales Order are retained in the system to provide a complete audit trail of every system-assigned Sales Order Number  
 Have up-to-the-minute information about your business  
 More accurate compare with manual work, with features that reduce errors  
 Easier to use and understand  
 Tracks money matters and more 
 Easy backup copies of the data and restore process, once hardware failure and you may recover it easily  

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