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The Payroll Disk is a simple pay package which is capable of automatically computing E.P.F, Socso, P.C.B Deductions including scheduled repayments / deductions programmed in accordance with the Malaysian Labour Legislation currently in force. In addition, it also allows for manual input of data such as overtime hours, days worked, etc.. making correct and accurate payroll practices  




  1. Create Employees' Maintenance
  2. Input the relevant Allowances and Deductions 
  3. Click "Calculate Payroll"  - Be ready with those required reports when requests instantly

Automatically computing E.P.F, Socso, P.C.B., EA Form, and Deductions including scheduled repayments / deductions and MORE...!!!!




       Employees Maintenance 
       Employees Salary Maintenance 
      Coinage Analysis 
       Pay Items 
      Payroll Analysis 
       Deduction Items 
      Payroll Summary 
       Bank Code                                 
      EPF Borang A 
      Sosco Borang 8A 
       Job Description  
      Negative Pay Report 
      Monthly Tax deductions 
      Init Time Card For New Pay Period  
      Net Pay Listing 
        Time Card Entry   
      Tabung Haji 
      EA Maintenance
      Union Fee Deduction 
        Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) 
      Calculate Payroll  
      Leave Analysis 
      Bonus Processing  
      Overtime Analysis                            
      Year End Tax Extraction  
      Undo Payroll Processing   
      PCB Analysis  
      Income Tax Returns ( EA Form ) 
      Income Tax Summary ( C.P.8D ) 
      Month By Month Earning Analysis 
      Soscso Borang 2 & 3 
      Employees by Race 
      Bar Chart - Earnings Analysis 
      Bar Chart - Deductions Analysis 


 Maintain correct and accurate payroll practices 
 Store up the employee data  
 Produce payslip for your employee  
 Showing the amount to be paid to each employee  
 Keep record of payments and deductions 
 Set up overtime category  and give diversity to the proportion overtime pay  
 Able to keep track of the  total overtime hour and paid amount    
 Automatic deduct of employees Salary or Annual Leave according to the leave taken by the employees  
 Store employees basic salary history for management use  
 Comprehensive, accurate and timely reporting 
 Help to reveal any discrepancies, such as mistake inputting hours, rates of pay and other data   
 Prorate salary for new employee and resigned employee who does not work for a complete month  
 Produce the necessary figures or documentation when an employee leaves 
 Compute monthly, daily and hourly rated payroll  
 Provide user-definable SOSCO and EPF table/rates  
 Able to handle different pay periods for different employee category 
 Support different pay modes such as Bank Transfer and Cash Payment  
 Fix allowances / deductions are automatically based on duration specified  
 New employees will be pro-rated on their joined date or confirmed date based on the new basic pay  
 Print all payroll statutory reports and related internal used reports  
 Auto computation of Allowances, Deductions, Leaves, Overtimes etc  
 Provide UNDO function, user can re-process payroll if data entry error found 
 Allow user to set up Pay Items / Deduction description and other relevant contributions  
 Generate year-end reports and formal documents for company and employees safe keeping  
 Auto calculate EPF, SOCSO, PCB, and print reports include CP22, CP159 and EA Form 
 Allow extra information input for EA declaration  
 Easy backup data and restore process, help to get instant recover during hardware failure 

 Download DEMO >

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